Cannery Rules

Cannery Rules:

● Patrons using the Cannery must observe all safety
precautions and observe strict sanitary practices.

● No open-toe shoes allowed.

● Aisles must be kept clear.

● Follow instructions of the Cannery workers at all times.

● No smoking, vaping, or tobacco chewing is allowed.

● Patrons must bring sufficient help to prepare and
process food within allotted time.

● No children under 12 allowed in the Cannery.

● If you use equipment, tabletop workstations, utensils, etc. you are
responsible for washing it or cleaning up afterwards (including removal of
garbage if applicable). Clean sinks and sink drains free of debris. Cannery
items borrowed should be returned to their original locations.

● No off-grade or spoiled products shall be canned or brought into the
Cannery. Excessively dirty produce shall be washed at home prior to
Cannery appointment.

● Patrons’ food and/or supplies should not be stored in the Cannery. In
extenuating circumstances, as determined by the Cannery supervisor,
should Cannery storage be needed, the Cannery is not responsible for loss
of food or damaged items.

● Use only approved canning jars and check for cracks or chips before use.
Be sure the jar rings are not dented or rusty and use only new lids – jars
should be pre-washed at home.

● Label and count your cans/jars before they go in for processing.

● Bring boxes to put your cans/jars in after processing and cooling.

● Pay for all charges prior to leaving.

Only authorized WCPS personnel will be allowed to
enter into the school campus from the Cannery.
Cannery patrons must use the restrooms inside the cannery.

Use the Cannery at your own risk. For example, steam is dangerous
if not handled properly, floors can be wet and slippery, food-processing
equipment can be dangerous to use, and jars can break during processing.
The Cannery, Wythe County Technology Center and Wythe
County Public Schools is not responsible for accidents, loss of
property, or damaged product.

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